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  Search Successes
Animal Success Stories
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Cookie formally known as Oreo is doing great. 😊 She is such a sweet girl who loves cuddles and lots of play time. We couldn't imagine our house without her. 


So well.. we love her. 



Hi I’m Lucy! I’m so happy I found my forever home. My new pawrents already spoil me so much! They say I’m the queen and that’s how I’m being treated. This is going to be a great life and I’m so happy I get to spend furrrever with them! 



Hi, I'm Onyx and this is my success story!  My sisters and I were found in a trash can by some apartments in Riverside. A nice lady found us and brought us to Act 2 Rescue. We are so thankful we got saved because the outside is a scary place to be. My sister Zara and I met our meowmy at a PetSmart adoption event. At first, she didn't know if she wanted two kitties but then she saw us and couldn't separate us. So we got to go to our forever home together! We are so happy we get to stay together and grow up with each other! 

FTA   Midnight
FTA Midnight

Hi I'm Midnight and this is my story! I was rescued off the streets with my mama and siblings. We were then brought to Act 2 Rescue. We had a very lovely foster mom who took great care of us! We grew up a little and got all ready for adoption! Someone put an application on my brother Skunk right when he was listed available. This really nice family wanted him, but it was really cool when they said they wanted to adopt me too! I was so excited when I heard we get to go to our furrrever home together! 

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